Who are we?




Brief historical background




'Les Genévriers' was created in 1969 and belongs to non-profit organization "Vie et Vacances".

'Vie et Vacances' organizes day trips, jaunts, summer camps, educational school trips, mainly for children and teenagers, but occasionaly for adults and families. We make it possible for them to discover a new environment as well as local wildlife, to learn to live communally and help them flourish.

It took less than one year to get the building of the centre completed (from september 1st 1974 to august 1975). It is located on an aria of  7 hectars of land. Subsidies have been given to help the project see light of day.

1975 saw the start of the very first summer camp. Since that date, we've been organizing summer camps, courses, family weekends for children, teenagers, adults, for locals and for people from the north and the east of France as well as many other European countries.